Andrew Lunstad

Andrew Lunstad

Chief Technology Officer, Terradepth


How Reimaging How We Do Ocean Data Can Save Our Earth

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Andrew Lunstad is an experienced technology leader with over 25 years of experience driving innovation in industries like online banking, video gaming, mobile applications, and cybersecurity, as well as directing teams to execute complex cross-functional innovation in networking, industrial automation, and SAAS products. He has a proven track record of launching products and co-authoring patents at startups and established companies such as Cisco Systems, where he co-authored multiple patents related to router virtualization, leading the effort to release the related feature on Cisco’s flagship core router. As a serial entrepreneur, Andrew founded a 3D video game company and helped launch a cryptographic security company, co-authoring a patent that secures data communication against quantum computing-based attacks. Currently, as the Chief Technology Officer at Terradepth, Andrew leads the company’s technology teams in scaling the collection and distribution of ocean data, leveraging his expertise to drive technological advancements and growth.

Andrew Lunstand highlights a shocking truth: We know more about the surface of Mars than our own ocean floor. This isn't because we don't care but because exploring the ocean is incredibly expensive and difficult. He'll share the importance of revolutionizing ocean exploration and how we can make it easier and cheaper to gather crucial data that impacts everything from offshore wind energy to climate change research.