Charting a New Course on Ocean’s Data Deficit | Andrew Lunstand

Andrew Lunstand highlights a shocking truth: We know more about the surface of Mars than our own ocean floor. This isn’t because we don’t care but because exploring the ocean is incredibly expensive and difficult. He’ll share the importance of revolutionizing ocean exploration and how we can make it easier and cheaper to gather crucial data that impacts everything from offshore wind energy to climate change research.

Key Takeaways:

The Knowledge Gap: Did you know we have better maps of Mars than of Earth’s ocean floor? Andrew’s TEDx talk reveals this startling truth and explains why this knowledge gap exists.

The Challenge & the Solution: Ocean exploration is expensive and complex, but Andrew has a pulse on how to change that. Learn how robotics, cloud technology, and more are revolutionizing how we gather ocean data.

Rethinking Industries: Andrew’s work isn’t just about exploration. Discover how innovations are impacting and leveraging industries like offshore wind energy, oil and gas, and telecommunications.

Join us at TEDxLogan Circle 2024 to hear Andrew Lunstad’s vision for a future where ocean data is accessible, affordable, and used to benefit all of humanity.

Share in two to three sentences what your talk is about.

Why do we know more about the surface of Mars than the ocean floor? It isn't that we care more. Join me as I walk through my journey confronting the technological, social, and economic challenges (and path to a solution) for better understanding our planet.

Based on your talk, what industries are you rethinking innovation?

Rethinking innovation is a big claim. The way I understand it for our work is that we are rethinking our approach to gathering ocean data. There are multiple TEDx talks about how we know more about “x” (the dark side of the moon, the surface of Mars) than the ocean, but their focus is not on how to solve this. Fundamentally, we don't know more about the ocean because it is too expensive and difficult to gather. So, our approach is to rethink how we gather ocean data and to use more robotics and automation.

So, to the specific question, we are rethinking ocean exploration and potentially a piece of every industry that relies on ocean data from offshore wind, to oil and gas, to telecom and desalination (and how all these industries are regulated). All these things would become more possible if collecting ocean data was disruptively less expensive.

Share two or three words that best describe who you are as a person.

Innovative, Curious, Driver

Describe your feelings about the TEDxLogan Circle event.

I am very excited about it. It is a great chance to raise awareness about how little we know about the ocean and how we are on the cusp of changing that.


A technology leader with over 25 years of experience, Andrew has started or worked in startups in online banking, video gaming, mobile applications, and cybersecurity.

He has also worked at established software and hardware companies including SAAS, industrial automation, and networking, including Cisco Systems, where he was part of the launch team to create the world’s fastest router.

Join us at TEDxLogan Circle 2024 to hear Andrew Lunstad’s vision for a future where ocean data is accessible, affordable, and used to benefit all of humanity.