Unlocking Healing through K-Drama | Jeanie Y. Chang

Explore the unexpected power of K-Dramas as a tool for mental health wellness and growth. As a regular K-drama viewer who often enjoys the stories with her family, Jeanie Y. Chang reveals how this now global media phenomenon lays the groundwork for conversations about mental health.

Key Takeaways:

Normalization: Leveraging K-Dramas to spark conversations and normalize mental health discussions.

Integration: Integrating cultural identity into mental health conversations.

Resilience: Modeling healthy boundaries and stress management for leaders.

Jeanie Y. Chang is changing the conversation around mental health – one K-Drama at a time. Don't miss her talk at TEDxLogan Circle 2024!

Share in two to three sentences what your talk is about.

My talk addresses an innovative way to benefit one’s mental health by talking about it via the lens of storytelling as seen in K-Dramas. With K-Dramas now a global phenomenon and the viewership more than tripled since the pandemic, they provide a perfect avenue to promote conversations on mental health to normalize and destigmatize it in all sectors, particularly in leadership and in the workplace.

Based on your talk, what industries are you rethinking innovation?

I’m hoping to rethink innovation in the workplace and among top leadership in how they engage their employees. Since Covid, the workplace is forever changed and that must be acknowledged and addressed for optimal sustainability in the next normal. I am also hoping to rethink innovation in the field of psychology and mental health in how we approach resources via a cross-cultural, cross-racial building lens.

Share two or three words that best describe who you are as a person.

Authentic. Charismatic.

Describe your feelings about the TEDxLogan Circle event.

It is an incredible honor, privilege, and opportunity to speak at a TEDx event! It’s always been on my bucket list and finally, it’s coming true! It’s also been a dream to bring in my cultural identity and intersect it with the topic of mental health. Finally, I’m doing it! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my 50th birthday milestone.

Who or what helps you stay grounded?

My family keeps me grounded. At the end of the day, I am Jeanie Chang, a wife of 26 years, a mother of four kids ages 17-24, and I couldn’t be prouder of this. This is actually the core of my identity. My family is what gives me confidence in who I am, why I do what I do, and the strength to do it. Even after a day of trauma work, I recalibrate and regroup with my family. Do you know that I am actually prouder of being a wife and mother than anything else I have done? As a family therapist, this is success.

What is your favorite way to rest and unwind?

I love unwinding and watching K-Dramas with my husband. It has actually enhanced our relationship. I also enjoy watching K-Dramas with my kids, though that is harder to come by. Rest is critical in my line of work so I make it a priority. Folks, clients, and followers tell me they feel guilty or call watching K-Dramas a guilty pleasure. I tell them there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure - why should we feel guilty for finding pleasure or bringing joy? Rest is not a dirty word.

What’s your favorite way to practice creativity?

Managing my stress to build resilience. Being stressed out which leads to burnout, hampers all creativity! We cannot be creative when we are stressed, it doesn’t matter how good we are at hiding our stress. When we are stressed, our brains are depleted of oxygen so our brains can’t think with oxygen deficiency! Also a good way to practice creativity is to maintain healthy and consistent boundaries to ensure we aren’t exposing ourselves to toxic relationships in all sectors. Toxic people can discourage us and indeed hampers all creativity.

Tell me about one of your favorite memories in Washington, D.C.

D.C. is super special to me for two reasons. First, it’s where I met my husband and fell in love and we started our family. We dated in D.C. and did some special dating activities like frequent The Kennedy Center, shop around Georgetown, and hang out visiting the monuments! Another reason why I love D.C. is it is also where I started my career as a broadcast journalist. Some of my favorite memories in my career were meeting President Clinton on numerous occasions, getting front row seats at the White House Correspondents Dinner and getting to meet JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. I also went to business school in D.C. - Johns Hopkins, D.C. campus.
Picture of Jeanie Y. Chang

Jeanie Y. Chang

Jeanie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She is an accomplished international speaker, providing keynotes and offers workshops for corporations, community organizations, and colleges addressing the intersectionality of mental health and identity, DEIB and psychological safety, as well as education about topics such as burnout, resilience, mindfulness, stress, and mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, and suicidality. She serves as a subject matter expert on mental health for media outlets around the worl

Jeanie Y. Chang is changing the conversation around mental health – one K-Drama at a time. Don't miss her talk at TEDxLogan Circle 2024!