Christopher Chin

Christopher Chin

Founder & CEO, The Hidden Speaker


Intersection of Music, Data, and Technology

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While working in the tech industry, Chris saw extremely talented colleagues struggle to get the opportunities they deserved because they couldn’t present, tell a story, and speak with confidence. He decided to make it his mission to close that communication gap. Now he works as Founder & CEO of The Hidden Speaker, a training consultancy that puts tech professionals on the path to confident communication. In a poetic full circle, he used to work at Fortune 500 companies – now he trains technical teams at those companies and around the world with highly specialized communication workshops. As a speaker, coach, and trainer, his work has helped thousands demonstrate leadership through communication, and he is passionate about convincing every introverted, techie out there that they, too, can bring out their hidden speaker.

Data is the language of the future, but who's translating it for us? Christopher Chin, a unique blend of data and musical expert, will reveal how to make data communication understandable, relatable, emotional, and even inspirational. Drawing from a surprising source – music – Christopher Chin will share techniques to turn cold, hard facts into stories that resonate. Think of it as a symphony from your spreadsheets, where data points become melodies that move and motivate.