Evelyn Chou

Evelyn Chou

Sr. Product Manager - Data & AI, Insightsoftware


Rethinking Layoff Search Journey in a Human Data-Driven Way

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Evelyn is a connector and technologist with over 10 years of experience across diverse industries like Marketplace, MarTech, and EdTech. She is passionate about helping others navigate the workplace, gain professional clarity, and foster inclusive spaces. Evelyn is a regular speaker at national technology conferences, where she shares her authentic voice and ideas to drive innovation. Growing up, Evelyn dreamed of becoming a TEDx speaker to share her personal journey of adapting to socioeconomic changes, pathfinding across industries, and turning setbacks into learning opportunities. Aligned with the TEDx theme of “rethinking innovation”, Evelyn has continuously reinvented herself and transformed those around her, as she believes innovation does not happen in isolation.