Director, Innovation and Global Insights, Visa Inc.


How To Rethink Lasting Public-Private Partnership Innovation

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Rami is the Director of Innovation at Visa, and a Fellow of the Visa Economic Empowerment Institute. With a mission to uplift everyone, everywhere, his work brings together insights from innovation, product design, government policy, and social impact to re-imagine how fintech can support financial inclusion and advance economic development. Prior to joining Visa he led several initiatives at The World Bank, helping governments accelerate digital transformation objectives. He co-led the Bank’s Secretariat for Mainstreaming Digital and Disruptive Technologies, managed its thought leadership series on digital development, and served on several working groups including the UN-Interagency WG on AI, GlobalPolicy.AI, and the Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development. Prior, he managed Oxford’s interdisciplinary research center, which provides early-stage funding for topics considered to be radically innovative with high-impact potential.  He earned a PhD / DPhil from Oxford, an MPP from Harvard, and was an International Affairs Fellow at Princeton.